A new approach.

This organization is for you to get to know the candidates that will support safe gun laws. We are not collecting money, but ask only that you, in support of sensible gun laws, donate to the candidates who have shown that they will vote in favor of laws that will protect us from senseless gun violence. Our two criteria:

  1. Candidates we recommend have not taken NRA or Corporate Gun Lobby money.
  2. Candidates we recommend have indicated they will vote (or have voted) for sensible gun laws.

More information can be found on our frequently asked questions page.


A letter from the founder.

I’m Bill D’Elia. I make a living producing and directing television. For over 20 years I have been in the business of making shows like “Ally McBeal”, “Chicago Hope”, “Boston Legal” and now “How To Get Away With Murder”. For several years I was a board member of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

In 1988 when I made my first movie, “The Feud”, I was just a guy trying to break into the movie business with a story I thought was interesting and funny. Central to the plot was a pistol that one of the characters used to threatened someone. That pistol turned out to be a starter pistol that never could have done any harm. The movie premiered at the Vancouver Film Festival in 1989. At the very first Q&A after the screening I was asked multiple times about my views on gun control. The first audience to watch my movie thought that thematically I was making a statement about guns in America. That the audience was primarily Canadian was not lost on me. I began to look at the movie through a different lens, and saw that perhaps there was no disguising the fact that I did have strong feelings about the issue. I just never knew it. I thought “What if, in the future, I did this on purpose?” What if I purposefully sought projects that had an inherent message about the gun issue?

Shortly after that I asked the writers on Chicago Hope to focus on this and we created a story arc where the son of one of our doctors discovers a gun in his house and accidentally shoots his friend. After the show aired I received a call from Jim Brady, who thanked me. And I began a pursuit to help change the gun laws in this country.

That pursuit was very discouraging to me. Year after year I watched the news, along with the rest of the world, of people being slaughtered by guns in this country. I began to think change would never come. After the Sandy Hook massacre, I gave up completely.

And then it hit me like a thunderstorm. We need to think nationally, not locally. We need to look at the map of the country and find those races we can influence with our contributions.

If you’re like me, you think nationally when there is a Presidential election, and locally when it’s a Congressional or Senate race. But it’s an issue that our entire Congress is deciding. Why don’t we look at those races nationwide, and donate our money to influence the elections that will eventually lead to real change on the gun issue?

This website lists all the seats that are up for grabs this year in Congress and the Senate. It shows who is on the right side of voting for sensible gun laws, and who is not. It shows who has taken money from the NRA. In each case there is a link to the candidate’s website that will lead you to a page where you can donate to those running for office that will not be in the NRA’s pocket.

This site is not designed to raise money to fight the NRA. This site is designed to raise money to give directly to the candidates that will fight the NRA.

I’ve started. I’ve donated to each of the candidates running against those that have taken money from the NRA. And I will continue to do so until the fight is won.

Now it’s your turn. Please join me in this campaign.



Bill D’Elia
September 2016